Close down the shelter for stray dogs in the city of Kardzhali

Perhaps the most disturbing place, where the man’s best friend can be put into, is the shelter for stray dogs in the city of Kardzhali. The accommodated dogs are not medically treated, mortality is high and the neutering process is carried out in a horrible way. Reading this article is enough to get a better understanding of what happens behind closed doors in this shelter (content not suitable for children

Despite numerous reports by FOUR PAWS, other animal welfare organizations and citizens to all institutions, the shelter is still not closed down and its employees are not investigated for crimes against animals.

Support us in our efforts to close down the shelter for stray dogs in Kardzhali! Send your protest to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Prosecutor General and the Chairman of the Bulgarian Veterinary Union, requiring them to carry out an objective examination and termination of this concentration camp for animals!

The District Food Safety Agency, the Regional Prosecution and the Municipality of Kardzhali refused to carry out an impartial examination and to suspend the activities of the so-called shelter of stray dogs in the city of Kardzhali despite all signals about violence against animals, high mortality and systematic violations. This cannot go on anymore. I insist for:

- Closing down the municipal shelter for stray dogs in the city of Kardzhali;

- Investigation of the activities of its employees and pre-trial proceedings for cases of unlawful killings of animals;

- Suspending the licence to practice of the veterinarian responsible for neutering and treatment of the dogs in the shelter;

- Regular checks on all municipal shelters for stray dogs in Bulgaria and closing down those which are found with serious violations.

Kind regards,