Stop Cruel Long Distance Transport

A ship carrying 14,000 sheep from Romania to Saudi Arabia capsized destining many of the animals to a slow and cruel death. FOUR PAWS partner ARCA was able to rescue more than 240  of the sheep. 

This is not the first tragedy tied to long distance transport. 

Long distance transport must be banned if animals cannot be protected. 

FOUR PAWS calls on all EU member states to suspend transport of live animals to third countries immediately and export meat instead of animals.

Every year more than three million live animals are transported from the EU to third countries. No matter how strict the rules may be and how tragic this accident is, mass deaths like this are becoming more common, be it on the road or on ships. This horrific tragedy shows that European countries need to stop exporting live animals. These long-distance transports are not only cruel but also entail major risks for the animals. FOUR PAWS calls on all member states to suspend transport of live animals to third countries immediately. Official veterinarians have a duty to ensure the safety of animals and decline transport if they have reason to believe EU law is violated or the animals cannot be protected. We urge the European Commission to investigate this case and to advocate for an outright ban of long-distance live animal exports.

Our demands concerning live animal transports:

  • A ban on the long-distance transports of live animals to third countries
  • The dissolution (termination) of all existing agreements on the export of live animals to third countries
  • Alimitation of the transport duration of live animals to a maximum of 8 hours
  • Slaughter of animals at the nearest appropriate slaughterhouse
  • More unannounced checks and tougher sanctions for infringements
  • Transport of meat instead of animals for slaughter
  • Sending genetic material instead of breeding animals 
  • Revision of the EU Animal Transport Regulation (in particular on transport times, space available, temperatures)

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