Coca Cola must end animal abuse

A recent investigation by Animal Recovery Mission – a US-based animal protection organization – exposed how employees at Fair Oak Farms in Illinois, which Coca Cola worked with, kicked, violently threw and hit baby calves. 

Calves were malnourished, dehydrated and slowly dying - all this at a farm that claims to care for their animals. 

The mega-farm that keeps 15,000 cows and supplies milk for Fairlife brand's premium milk products, which are produced and distributed by Coca-Cola in the US and internationally. The animals, however, are not kept under premium conditions.

Farms must treat animals with respect, compassion, and care, rather than as objects. They must adapt the environment to the needs of animals. This is far from the current reality. Calves are separated soon after birth from their mothers; when they find it hard to feed on bottles, they are beaten for it, while their mothers cry to their babies from adjacent barns until they go hoarse. 

Coca Cola must not only end partnerships with such farms and companies but set strict and clear criteria as to how animals must be treated and require regular audits and monitoring of the farms they choose to work with. They need to also be fully transparent about their efforts and the conditions on the farms. If that cannot be guaranteed, Coca Cola should not be distributing animal products. 

Help us tell Coca Cola to never allow such animal suffering again.

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