Help us end bile bear farming

Save the saddest bears: end bear farming in Hanoi!

In 2005, the Vietnamese government announced plans to phase out bear bile farming. While commendable steps have been taken since then and bear farming in Vietnam is slowly coming to an end, the country’s most prominent city shows hardly any progress at all. Hanoi remains the country’s #1 bile bear farming hotspot, with 140 bears on 25 farms - accounting for 54% of the total bile bears in Vietnam (January 2023).

With an end to bear farming in Vietnam in sight, it is more important than ever that Hanoi takes action. To end bear farming in Vietnam, we must end bear farming in Hanoi!

It's time for the Hanoi government to end bear farming for good. That's why today, we ask you to please add your voice in calling on the Hanoi government to:

  • Urgently take decisive action and issue instructions to Hanoi authorities and local governments to end the practice of bear farming in the country’s capital.
  • Set a precedent of zero tolerance for the rest of the country in dealing with the bear farming situation.
  • Close all bear farms by 2025 and ensure the transfer of all remaining bears to rescue centers and sanctuaries.
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  • US Tonya A 31.01.2023 03:18
  • DE Louis B 30.01.2023 23:55
  • DE Raja B 30.01.2023 23:17
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