Take the Pledge to Wear It Kind

With so many fabulous cruelty-free options now available, it’s never been easier to Wear it Kind! Together, we're making it clear to designers, manufacturers, and retailers that we won’t tolerate cruelty to animals in the name of fashion.

However, there is still a long way to go, and billions of animals are suffering horrifically right now for the clothes we wear. So, we're asking you to join our compassionate fashion movement today, and pledge to reduce, refine and replace animal-based fashion with kinder and more sustainable choices.

We need 500,000 signatures.

256,637 of 500,000 have signed the petition. Will you help us get 243,363 more?

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Don't be a lone wolf. We would love to stay in touch and show you how you can contribute to a better world for animals - but we will only do this with your permission. Join our animal friendly community! You can update your choices any time.

Together we can make a huge difference to the lives of billions of animals by:

  • reducing the number of animal products that you purchase
  • refining and being more careful with your choices, and ultimately,
  • replacing animal-based clothing with sustainable animal-free fashion.

While an animal-free wardrobe is the ultimate in kind and cruetly-free fashion, making more ethical choices is also a great step towards achieving a kinder wardrobe.

If you choose to buy animal products, look for proof that strong animal welfare measures have been taken. Seek products labelled with robust certifications such as the Responsible Down Standard or the Responsible Wool Standard.

But don't fall for any certifications that claim to ensure even a basic level of welfare is maintained for animals used in fur and exotic leather products! And generally - if in doubt, say ‘No Way!’ Compassion will always be in fashion! By taking this pledge, we'll also send you a "How to Guide" on all things animal-friendly in fashion. Look out for it in your inbox!

On behalf of all of our wooly, furry and feathered friends - thank you!

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