Lion Longevity Oath

Lions and other big cats in captivity are facing immense animal welfare issues in South Africa!  The number of captive bred lions for canned lion hunting and the lion bone trade to be used in traditional medicine, have nearly tripled since 2010. At least 8,000-10,000 lions are currently held in captivity – ready to be exploited for commercial purposes.

The only way to stop the trade in lions is by removing all revenue streams, such as lion cub petting and walking with lion interactions, which both local and international tourists often take part in without realising the disastrous consequences.

To this end, FOUR PAWS is calling on the public to commit to the Lion Longevity Oath and end all support of activities associated with this industry, as well as raise awareness of the lion trade and canned lion hunting.

You have the power to end the suffering through taking the Lion Longevity Oath and committing to responsible actions, which will better the lives of big cats and assist us in our efforts to put an end to the exploitation of these iconic animals.

By signing the FOUR PAWS Lion Longevity Oath, you vow to:

  • Never pet lion cubs or walk with lions (no interaction with any captive big cat)
  • Never take part in trophy hunting
  • Never support captive lion and other big cat breeders in any way
  • Oppose cruel keeping conditions 
  • Only visit ethical and true sanctuaries 
  • Only visit national parks, where lions can remain in the wild
  • Never use any lion or tiger products
  • Support FOUR PAWS in raising the profile of lions