Arctic Fox in a fur farm in Finland


Each year, about 100 million fur bearing animals die for fashion – including foxes, raccoon dogs, minks and rabbits. 95 percent of these animals are kept in tiny wire cages for their entire lives. They suffer due to the agonisingly cramped conditions and are unable to live out their natural behaviour. This often leads to behavioural problems and self-mutilation. At the end of their short lives, they are killed by gassing, electrocution or beating.

UPDATE: Fur farms are not only cruel but also dangerous to human and animal health. In recent months, massive corona outbreaks have occurred on mink farms in Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Italy, France, Poland and the USA. After millions of animals have already been killed on the affected farms in the Netherlands and Spain, Denmark started in November 2020 to kill all farm mink before the actual so called "harvest season". Previously, a mutated form of coronavirus had been detected in people who had contracted mink. While the Netherlands, in the wake of the corona situation, has decided to stop mink farming early from March 2021, Denmark, Europe's largest fur producer, has so far maintained the industry.

Many fashion companies have already decided against this animal suffering and have banned real fur from their ranges. Some companies, however, continue to sell fur products – often with the misleading claim that this is fur from ‘sustainable production’. Here, real fur not only means gruesome animal cruelty; it is also harmful to the environment.

Countless research projects and investigations prove that there is no ‘ethically acceptable’ fur from an animal protection standpoint. Real-fur products – even small accessories such as a fur bobble or fur collar – always mean that animals have died horribly following an agonising life.

The time has come to finally end this gruesome practice!

For this reason, join us in demanding:

  • that fashion companies stop selling fur products!
  • statutory bans on fur farming, as well as an associated import and trade ban on fur and fur products!
  • clear labelling of fur products regarding species, production method and origin until a sales ban on fur is achieved so that consumers can choose to object to animal cruelty in their clothing.

With your voice, we can encourage the fashion industry and policymakers to reconsider the use of fur and finally end fur production!

Further information on the subject can be found here.

Fur is animal cruelty! With my signature, I refuse all fur products and call for an end to this gruesome trade.