Urgent help needed for Leo and Melanka!

Bears Leo and Melanka have been stuck in a concrete cage for 14 years, on the grounds of the Syniogora residence of the Ukrainian President in the village of Guta.

But their luck is about to change! FOUR PAWS has offered to rescue the bears and give them a species-appropriate life in BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr. The Syniogora authorities have already given their consent, and all we need now is the support from the State Management of Affairs (DUS). Although the rescue of the two bears is not possible at this moment due to the coronavirus measures, we request written confirmation from DUS that we can rescue Leo and Melanka.

This will make it possible for us to make the final preparations now and rescue the bears when the coronavirus measures are lifted, so the bears can be freed from their concrete cage as soon as possible.

Please help us in our urgent call to the authorities and send an email to the Head of the State Administration of Affairs.