No happy end for the two Albanian bear cubs!

Thank you for your support and raising your voice for bears in need in Albania!

During the past months, the Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment received numerous emails from supporters around the globe showing their interest in the fate of the two missing bear cubs and asking the local authorities to do everything in their power and find the animals.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the bears had been released into the wild by their owner without notification or authorization from the authorities.

It is uncertain whether the bears are able to survive on their own, as they are used to humans and do not have the necessary skills to survive in the wild, which they normally learn from their mother.

We are very disappointed about the disturbing outcome of this case, which could have been prevented if the authorities had acted and confiscated the bear cubs straight away.

But thanks to your commitment to this cause, the Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment can no longer ignore the public's call for better protection of bears and other wild animals in Albania. We’ll continue to push the Albanian authorities to take a public stance against animal cruelty and introduce legal measures to combat the abuse and exploitation of wild animals.

Find more information about the work of FOUR PAWS in Albania here.