End Cruel Cage Farming

Millions of animals suffer across Europe. You can help end this. 

The reality of cage farming is a large-scale animal cruelty operation far beyond our imagination. Scared, abused and stressed, animals in cages are subjected to often short and extremely miserable lives. From cage to slaughter, many of them never see the light of day. Their dirty, crammed cages barely leave them room to move, to spread their legs or wings and many caged animals have to fight over the little space that they have. In many farms you would find animals left dead next to their terrified live companions, posing not only a health hazard but proving the inhumanity of this practice.

 Join the cage-free movement to end this cruelty.

What can you do?

The time you spend online now can contribute to a world without cages. With your help, we want to put an end to cage farming, an unnecessary and outdated cruelty. To end cage keeping, we need 1,000,000 citizens to provide certified signatures to the European Citizens Initiative (see petition) after which the European Commission will be required to tackle an end to cage keeping.

Step 1: Join the Movement

  • Sign up and stay up to date on the current situation of animal farming in the EU, possibilities to take action and receive news on our progress.

Step 2: Sign the European Citizen’s Initiative

  • We are calling on the European Commission to finally update its legislation and save millions of animals from suffering in atrocious conditions. Add your official signature to the thousands of voices from across Europe and stand up for those who can’t defend themselves!

Step 3: Spread the word:

  • Every voice counts and this fight can only be won if citizens from all across Europe raise their voice in protest. Reveal this truth to your neighbours, friends or family by sharing this call for a cage-free world.

Who we are? 

FOUR PAWS is a strong, global and independent voice for animals under direct human influence. Our vision is a world where people treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding. To end cage farming we are now working together with over 140 NGO's to fight these inhumane, cruel practises of cage farming. Will you join us? 

Video credits: Compassion in World Farming | Catsnake