President von der Leyen, aren't you forgetting something?   

As President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen promised to meet the demands of millions of European citizens by releasing the proposals to revise the EU's animal welfare legislation this year.  

The President emphasised the "urgent need to improve animal welfare," but time is ticking. We are approaching the end of the current term but have not seen any published proposals yet.

Now we need your voice to tell President von der Leyen that we are watching closely! The European Commission must be true to their pledge to the animals and the people. It is time to publish the proposals for an ambitious revision of legislation within this current political term. 

  • The legislations being revised focus on how farmed animals are kept, transported and slaughtered within the European Union  
  • Billions of Europe's animals are suffering in horrifying conditions in outdated and cruel practices  
  • Current legislations do not take into account the latest animal behaviour science 
  • Without these revisions, farmed animals will not be adequately protected throughout the European Union and beyond  
  • Millions of Europeans demand change. We already saw this through the success of the  European Citizens' Initiatives End the Cage Age and Fur Free Europe. It’s time the European Commission meets the demands of its citizens 

It is not too late for the President von der Leyen to #DoBetterForAnimals and publish the proposals! Millions on European Citizens are waiting.

Join us: now it is time to ACT!

We need your voice! It's time to take action and call on the President of the EU Commision to keep her promise! We need President Ursula Von der Leyen to prioritise animal welfare and make a commitment to act NOW.  

Please help us by sending the President an e-mail to let her know that delaying the proposals is not an option, and demand the Commission to release the proposals and finally #DoBetterForAnimals. Together we can make a difference! 


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