Recently, the images of a lioness being brutally declawed with gardening shears at Rafah Zoo in Gaza shocked the world. The young lioness had to endure excruciating pain during and after the inhumane amputations, leaving her mutilated forever. She suffers along with dozens of captive animals trapped in this dangerous zoo located on the Gaza strip.

Rafah Zoo was recently under scrutiny when four newborn lions froze to death under the inappropriate keeping conditions. The photos of the helpless cubs exposed the conditions the animals are enduring. Given the state of the war-torn city, there are no means for proper nutrition, medical care or shelter. These severely neglected animals are exposed to further brutality and uncertainty and we have a chance to change their lives forever.  

Rafah Zoo is one of the three remaining zoos in Gaza. With your support, we have managed to close two other zoos on the Gaza strip where animals were trapped and falling victim to war attacks. Countless animals died in these zoos due to rocket attacks, malnutrition, and disease. It is our goal to give these animals a life they deserve away from pain and torment and we can’t do that without your voice!

Make a difference and sign this petition to join FOUR PAWS in urging the authorities to close Rafah Zoo!

Gaza Zoo Collage