We need to stop the brutal treatment and suffering of animals in this war-torn zoo now.

Recently, the shocking images of a lioness being brutally declawed flooded the media. This lioness had to endure excruciating pain as her claws were removed with garden shears leaving her mutilated forever.

To make it worse, the images of four newly born lion cubs frozen to death were revealed. This exposed the persisting poor conditions the animals at Gaza’s Rafah Zoo have to endure. There is no means for proper nutrition, medical care or shelter leaving animals neglected and exposed to further brutality and uncertainty.

This has to end now!

The Zoo of Rafah is one of the three remaining zoos after FOUR PAWS managed to close down Khan Younis and Al Bisan zoos. This zoo, found in the Gaza strip, was burdened by falling victim to multiple attacks by the army. The animals were killed due to these attacks and even by rocket fire. After which many of the surviving animals died due to malnutrition and diseases.

Although the Zoo of Rafah has been in the media because of the death of four newly born lion cubs and the declawed lioness, this is not the end. There are still a few dozen animals waiting to be rescued from these harsh conditions. The future wellbeing of the remaining animals, including five lions, a hyena, several monkeys, and wolves is now up to us!

FOUR PAWS is calling for the local authorities to adopt and enforce animal welfare legislation (including a worldwide ban of declawing wild animals) and for Rafah zoo to be closed down. We want to make sure the remaining animals are safe and to stop any more animals going through such torture.

Will you join us? Sign this petition to join FOUR PAWS in urging the authorities to rescue the remaining animals and to CLOSE RAFAH ZOO NOW! We must push for them to urgently adopt animal welfare legislation to never let this happen again!