Shocking images of a lioness being brutally declawed at the Rafah zoo caused global outrage in February 2019. This young lioness had to endure excruciating pain as her claws were removed with garden shears, leaving her mutilated and suffering.

The footage of the poor lioness comes just weeks after four lion cubs froze to death at the same zoo.

These tragic events expose the terrible conditions the animals at the war-torn zoo in Gaza must endure every day. There is no proper nutrition, medical care or shelter, leaving the animals neglected and exposed to further suffering and an uncertain future.

Rafah zoo has made negative global headlines with their brutal treatment of animals, and we need your help now to save the animals at the zoo who are waiting to be rescued.

Rafah zoo is one of the three remaining zoos in the Gaza strip, after FOUR PAWS successfully closed down Khan Younis and Al Bisan zoos in 2014 and 2016. The zoo has suffered multiple attacks by the army in which animals were killed by rocket fire. Many who survived sadly died afterwards due to malnutrition and disease.

The future of the remaining animals, including five lions, a hyena, several monkeys and wolves, is now up to us!

Please help the Rafah zoo animals!

Sign this petition to join FOUR PAWS in calling on the local authorities to CLOSE RAFAH ZOO NOW and rescue the remaining animals! We must push them to urgently adopt animal welfare legislation to never let animals go through such torture again. 


Declawed lion