Demand that eBay’s Gumtree Australia stops enabling puppy farming!

Scared. Sick. Abused. Torn away from their mothers at just a few weeks old and sold online by unscrupulous puppy farmers. This is the devastating reality for thousands of puppies bred in horrendous conditions across Australia as part of the ruthless global moneymaking machine that is puppy farming.

Online classified ad sites, such as eBay’s Gumtree Australia are an essential cog in this machine, enabling unscrupulous people to sell puppies through unverified and fake user accounts.

Puppy farmers don’t care if their breeding practices cause suffering to animals, or if it results in heartbreak for new owners when their new puppy is sick.

That’s why we need eBay to care and stop this anonymous online puppy trade on their classified ad sites!

eBay knows that cruel breeders and ruthless traders use Gumtree to sell animals anonymous. We have offered them a solution, but they are yet to implement it. 

Mandatory seller identity verification would require sellers to provide a form of identification before they can sell animals—effectively stopping untraceable sales. This means if someone buys a sick or illegally imported puppy on Gumtree, the seller can be found and held accountable.

eBay’s Gumtree UK site has already implemented mandatory seller identity verification after FOUR PAWS petition was signed by over 200,000 caring supporters. Now we need Gumtree Australia, and all eBay classified ad sites, to follow the UK’s lead!

Please help push eBay into action!

Join the movement and call on eBay to implement:

  • seller identity verification for animal sales;
  • FOUR PAWS recommended animal welfare standards;

...on Gumtree Australia and its other classified ad sites!

Find more details on our demands to eBay here.