Demand that eBay stops enabling the puppy mafia!

Scared. Sick. Abused. Torn away from their mothers at just a few weeks old, transported hundreds of miles, and sold online to an unwitting owner in a country far away. This is the devastating reality for hundreds of thousands of puppies bred in horrendous conditions as part of a ruthless moneymaking machine, sometimes referred to as the puppy mafia.

This industry is driven by a network of breeders, transporters and dealers which operate together like a criminal gang.

Online classified ad sites, such as those owned by eBay are an important cog in this machine. People can sell puppies anonymously on eBay’s classified ad sites around the world, making it very easy to sell illegal, sick and mistreated animals. eBay knows that besides responsible sellers there are also cruel breeders and ruthless traders using its classified ad sites but it is doing very little to address the situation.

Help us push them into action!

This anonymous online puppy trade must stop! Mandatory seller identity verification would require sellers to provide a form of identification to sell animals—effectively stopping anonymous, untraceable sales!


Join us in calling on eBay to implement:

  • seller identify verification for animal sales;
  • FOUR PAWS recommended animal welfare standards;

on all its classified ad sites!

Find more details on our demands to eBay here.