Urge Industries to take Action

Did you know that livestock farming accounts for almost 14.5% of global Greenhouse Gas emissions and is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon deforestation since 1970?

The global increase of meat and fish consumption comes at a high cost to the billions of factory-farmed animals and also to wild and aquatic -life

It is crucial that we cut down the consumption of meat and animal-based products (as also urged by the UN in a recent report) to prevent further destruction of our environment and to contain the global climate crisis. A reduction of meat and animal-based product consumption also helps reduce the number of factory-farmed animals.

Even though Global Warming might seem like an abstract concept to us, a look at the recent record numbers of devastating Amazon wildfires and the global pandemic, should give us enough reason to take action now!

To further prevent such disasters from happening, and to decrease the number of suffering animals in factory farms, FOUR PAWS calls on major food companies to take a stand.

Multinational players in the food industry have an influence on the consumption and production trends of animal products. FOUR PAWS is calling on major companies in the food industry to use fewer animals in their product range.

While we are already seeing promising changes in the food industry (less meat and more plant-based & meat substitutes), we need long-term commitments towards meat and fish reduction and more investment towards plant-based and innovative food products to prevent Climate crisis disasters from happening.

I pledge, that I will take a stand against the overconsumption of meat and animal-based products and that they should come from higher welfare keeping systems and call on the food industry to take action!