Pledge your support for a fur free winter!

Winter is coming and with it the yearly reoccurring armada of fur-bearing followers of Canada Goose.  Canada Goose fur trimmed parkas are not only a status symbol to be found in all places from Amsterdam to Vancouver; every jacket also represents the cruelty, mistreatment and unnecessary killing of thousands of animals for fashion purposes.

Canada Goose claims that their jackets are built for the coldest places on earth and only real fur can withstand such elements. There are more than enough alternative materials available no matter if you go on an artic expedition or take a walk in a European city  Any use of fur is completely unnecessary and this is just a shameful justification to continue the horrible wild animal exploitation.

The self-described leading “luxury apparel” maker also claims, that the animals are trapped in the “most humane way possible”. But how can torturing and injuring an animal for its fur to line a jacket’s hood be humane? There is NO such thing as humane trapping! Once the animals are trapped, they are often stuck for a long time without food or water, which leaves them in big distress before they are eventually being killed. Many animals die from dehydration, blood loss and hypothermia. Others try to chew or wring off the trapped limb in order to escape, breaking their teeth and bones. Various species such as Canadian lynx’, wolves as well as cats and dogs get injured or killed in traps.

Canada Goose promised not to use fur from endangered animals. However, traps are indiscriminate and any animal including endangered species can get caught in traps.

Canada Goose commits to support ethical, responsible and sustainable sourcing of fur. For us it is clear, that Canada Goose and other companies who still rely on real fur, promote and support the suffering and killing of countless animals for fashion purposes.

We therefore ask you to sign our pledge and show your support for a fur free future!

I pledge not to support the suffering and killing of animals by

X not buying or wearing brands such as Canada Goose until they stop using real fur in their products.

X making ethical and conscious decisions about my shopping habits.

X spreading the word by sharing this pledge on my social media channels and inform family and friends about it.

Copyright of picture by Born Free US.