Meat is Heat

Tell world climate leaders to talk about meat

World leaders are meeting in Madrid on the 2nd- 12th of December to talk about climate change and to establish a global agreement during the COP25.

However, the impact of meat and dairy consumption is largely neglected even though the UN has warned about its devastating impact on our climate. According to their latest report (IPCC 2019) we urgently need to change current intensive farming in order to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and the number of farmed animals in factory farms.  

Factory farming is causing millions of animals to suffer and is heating our planet - this has to stop! Sign our petition to ask politicians to tackle factory farming in their climate action plans.  

Even though climate change seems like a very abstract concept, a look at the recent record numbers of devastating wildfires in the Amazon or in the Australian bush give us enough reason to take action now!  

Did you know that livestock farming accounts for almost 14.5% of global Greenhouse Gas emissions and is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon deforestation since 1970? 

You find that shocking?

Well that’s not all: livestock farming also accounts for 70 percent of all agricultural land and 30 percent of the world’s land surface in order to plant food to feed all the animals in factory farms.  

Global climate agreements are translated in national action plans and into measures. These measures can drive the consumption and production of animal goods in the right direction towards reducing the amount and promoting higher quality.

Governments can also take measures to encourage flexitarian and plant-based diets.

FOUR PAWS is calling on politicians at the COP25 to acknowledge the impact of factory farming in the climate agreement in order to implement measures to diminish animal suffering and negative consequences for our climate. 

Sign our petition today #MeatisHeat #COP25