End illegal private bear keeping in Albania

In September 2023, FOUR PAWS was made aware that two wild-born bear cubs were kept illegally on the premises of a hotel and restaurant in Albania.

Despite FOUR PAWS’ immediate offer to help rescue the bears, the Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment was reluctant to confiscate the animals. Now, the bear cubs seem to have disappeared from the private property. We are very upset about this situation, for which we hold the Ministry fully responsible. Brown bears are a native protected species in Albania; thus it is within responsibility of the Albanian state to take care of their conservation.

While we rescued Albania's last restaurant bear Mark, our work in Albania is not over yet. The local authorities have to ensure that Albania’s sad chapter of restaurant bears will stay closed by preventing new bears from ending up in illegal and inappropriate captivity.

Please support us by sending this letter to the Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment, and urge the authorities to do everything in their power to find the bear cubs and protect Albania’s wildlife!

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