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Are you ready to commit to buying a puppy responsibly? 

Congratulations! Bringing a new dog into your home is one of the most rewarding things in the world. But many new puppy owners have found that their puppy is far more work than expected. 

So FOUR PAWS has created an exclusive “How to Prepare and Care for Your New Puppy” guide to help prepare you for puppy ownership. 

Join our Cute. Quick. Sick. campaign to receive this guide and make the first step towards being a responsible pet owner. You’ll join thousands of people around the world who are committed to the responsibility of giving a pet a loving home, beginning with the way they buy. 

Why should you join? 

Every year, more than 400,000 dogs are traded in Australia alone, often purchased through unregulated websites, social media or online marketplaces. As the number of people looking to buy a puppy online continues to grow, the cruel puppy trade soars to meet demand.  

The puppy trade carries many risks, not just for animals but for us:  

  • Welfare  Puppies from puppy farms can suffer serious illness, injury, and behavioural impacts due to poor care and upbringing
  • Emotional – Heartbroken families must deal with the emotional turmoil of losing their new family member 
  • Financial – The cost of treating a sick or dying puppy can quickly escalate into thousands. 
  • Legal – Beware of puppy scams. Aussies are falling victim to fraudulent advertising, being tricked into paying thousands for a puppy who doesn't exist or is sold with fraudulent papers.

Play your part 

Will you join people around the world who are committed to acquiring a pet responsibly? By doing so, you can protect countless numbers of dogs from the puppy trade. 

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