Viennese Fiaker horses: Out of the city centre!

Loud noises, crowded streets, car fumes, busy traffic – all of this in any weather. An inappropriate environment for such sensitive animals.

Safety hazards everywhere:

  • Construction sites
  • Buses, cars, taxis
  • Crammed streets
  • Uneven cobblestone streets
  • Slippery tram rails
  • Baking sun, no shade
  • Restricted access to water
  • No roughage during working days

The dangers and problems are numerous, and the welfare of the animals comes up short! Deformed hooves, digestive problems, collapses or behavioural issues are frequent consequences of these working conditions.

In a nutshell: The needs of these animals cannot be met with their current conditions. This principle should always apply: Animals don’t need to adapt to the conditions, the conditions need to be adapted according to the animals’ needs.

So please join FOUR PAWS in demanding:

  1. Enough shade on hot days
  2. Regular provision of water and roughage
  3. Limitation of working hours and annual health checks
  4. During days off work, free movement on paddocks together with other horses
  5. Carriage rides ONLY in green areas, as well as driving bans in unsuitable weather conditions and alternative routes through the city