Save the Saddest Bears of Ukraine

Save the saddest bears in Ukraine

The use of bears for dog fights has been banned since 2015 in Ukraine, thanks to the work of FOUR PAWS. However, bears are still in risk to be used for hounding, because hunting stations are still allowed to keep them. Furthermore, the use of bears for “entertainment purposes” for restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities is also still legal.

A new legislative could finally end these animal cruelty practises. Legislative proposal Nr. 6598, which is currently discussed in the Ukrainian government, does not allow the keeping of bears on hunting stations, in restaurants, hotels and other leisure facilities anymore.

The hunting lobby is trying to sabotage this ban. That’s why we need your help!

FOUR PAWS has sent a letter to the Ukrainian president Poroshenko and asked him for his support of the implementation of the new legislative. Furthermore, we are also protesting peacefully on events and rallies for the implementation of the new law in the Ukraine.

Please give us your support: Appeal to the Ukrainian parliament and demand the implementation of legislative proposal No. 6598.