Pledge your support for buffaloes in Italy

In 2018, 50 million kilos of buffalo mozzarella were produced in Italy. Such great demand for this luxurious cheese often involves a lot of cruelty inflicted upon the buffaloes that are used to produce mozzarella.  

Repeatedly conducted research in 2014, 2018, and 2019 revealed that buffaloes are still suffering under miserable keeping conditions.  

Male buffalo calves are often considered to be a worthless by-product on mozzarella farms. This results in them being grossly neglected. But even under usual circumstances, male buffalo calves are slaughtered at about 30 days of age. In 2017 alone, over 52,000 buffalo calves were legally slaughtered in Italy. It is difficult to say how many are still being killed illegally or are dying because of neglect. Mozzarella production has increased in recent years, resulting in an intensification of buffalo keeping and related animal welfare problems. 

While an improvement in law has helped keep producers in check at least as far as traceability is concerned, FOUR PAWS wants supermarkets and distributors to continue to strive for further improvements of the keeping conditions of the buffaloes.  

FOUR PAWS calls on supermarket chains, traders, and producers to assume responsibility.  

Help us improve the living conditions for the buffaloes! 

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