Pledge to #SaveTheSaddestBears

At FOUR PAWS, our goal is to end the suffering of bears who are kept in conditions not suited to their species. Many bears are still kept in appalling conditions all over the world. Their owners often exploit them for profit, whether for bile extractions or as tourist attractions—hundreds of bears are exploited and tortured in the name of making money. But you can help us #SaveTheSaddestBears! Take action to protect bears by signing our pledge. 

We need 5,000 signatures.

2,730 of 5,000 have signed the petition. Will you help us get 2,270 more?

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I pledge to:   

  • not attend or support shows, fairs, and events that offer public contact with bears (such as cub petting or selfies with bears), or places that have bears performing tricks for an audience, like a traveling circus or roadside zoo
  • not visit restaurants that use bears as tourist attractions
  • not keep bears (or other wildlife) as pets
  • not participate in or support the hunting of bears
  • not participate in or support any cruel activities involving the use of bears for sport or for training hunting dogs
  • not purchase products that are made from bears, such as traditional medicinal products made from bear bile

And Instead:  

  • visit only species-appropriate sanctuaries where the bears’ needs are the primary concern versus putting them on display for the public
  • share content online from sources where the bears are living a species-appropriate life and are not being exploited for entertainment
  • support local, state, and federal laws that protect bears from cruelty and exploitation
  • advocate to protect bears by supporting FOUR PAWS rescue operations, running species-appropriate sanctuaries, and advocating for common sense legislation to protect bears
  • learn more about the issues that we are working on to #SaveTheSaddestBears

Looking for a fun way to get to know our bears better while celebrating their resiliency when given proper care? Participate in our March Napness Hibernation Competition. Learn more here. 

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