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We are calling on NIKE, the world’s most successful sportswear brand, to make sure that any merino wool used in their products is not sourced from sheep subjected to the cruelty of mulesing.
Unfortunately, NIKE– unlike its competitors – is not taking real action against mulesing. Help us convince NIKE, one of the biggest brands worldwide, to go certified mulesing-free. 

Mulesing is cruel and outdated

Millions of lambs in Australia, the biggest wool producing country worldwide, are mutilated for their wool. This terrible practice is called mulesing. It is an extremely painful procedure in which large skin folds around the buttocks of young lambs are cut off with shears, without adequate, or in some cases any, pain relief. The new FOUR PAWS Wool Report revealed that NIKE has no reliable measures in place to exclude mulesing from their product range.

Pain-free and sustainable solutions are available 

Luckily, pain-free alternatives are available and tested by woolgrowers. Over 3,000 Australian woolgrowers are mulesing-free. Various wool standards certify and trace wool all the way back to the farms to make sure lambs were not subject to mulesing. More than 300 international brands have spoken out against this procedure and want mulesing-free wool. You can help end the suffering of millions of lambs.

 So why don’t they use this power to rule out cruel mulesing? Our message to NIKE is simple and clear: JUST DON’T DO IT! 
Add your voice to ours. Please join our mission and write a letter to NIKE, showing them how important this is to animal lovers and their customers. 
Together we can make a difference and spare millions of lambs from being mutilated simply for their wool. 

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