Millions of chickens are gassed because of illegal use of fipronil?

Another scandal in the farming industry: millions of laying hens are infected with fipronil, a humanly harmful antioxidant used illegally against blood lice. The toxic substance ends in the eggs, which then must be removed out of stores and destroyed, causing farmers to lose a lot of income. Therefore, farmers want to gasify their infected chickens.

Several animal protection organizations in the Netherlands have tried to stop them, but decision-makers decided that the farmers can kill their chickens. That means that millions of chickens may be gasified over the next few weeks, simply because they are not making money anymore.

Already thousands of chickens may have lost their life because of the use of fipronil. It is estimated that after 4 to 6 weeks the chickens are free from fipronil, but those weeks are not given to the chickens anymore. Again, money goes above animal lives. Killing is not the answer!

Let your voice be heard for the true value of an animal life!