Freedom for the saddest bear cub

At the end of February 2019, FOUR PAWS was informed of a bear cub that was found by a private person on the main road within the National Park SHARRI in Kosovo.

Although FOUR PAWS offered immediate help and to take the bear cub to our BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, where it would get proper care and treatment, the local authorities have decided that the bear cub will remain in the care of people from National Park SHARRI.

FOUR PAWS has discovered that the cub is currently living in a tiny wooden box in the cellar of a house within the National Park SHARRI with no possibility of moving around in a species inappropriate environment. Left on its own in the box with no professional care, the fate of the little bear is uncertain.

The bear cub needs our urgent help before it’s too late! Please sign this petition and ask Kosovo’s authorities to let the bear cub go to BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina.