Demand an end to mulesing

The cruel secret of the wool industry

Mulesing is a painful procedure in which the skin around the buttocks of young lambs is cut off with shears. Usually it is done without anesthesia. Each year millions of lambs have to endure this cruelness.

It is done to prevent flies from laying their eggs in the wrinkles around the lamb's butt. But in many cases, and despite the mutilation, flies still attack the lamb.

Outdated and unnecessary

Mulesing is only practiced in Australia which is the biggest wool producing country for the global clothing industry. Due to a lack of political leadership, it is up to brands and consumers to demand an end of mulesing. There are already alternative methods to protect the lambs from flies, which doesn’t involve any pain or suffering.

Pain-free and sustainable solutions are available

Over 3,000 Australian farmers have agreed to end mulesing. Various wool standards certify the animal welfare and traceability of wool produced without mulesing. Nearly 200 international brands have spoken out against that procedure and want mulesing-free wool or wool with a butt as we at FOUR PAWS like to call it.

You can help end the suffering of millions of lambs

We need more brands to take concrete measures and communicate to their supply chains and the Australian wool industry that they will only source certified mulesed wool by a certain time.

Please join the campaign and call on international brands to go certified mulesing-free. You can help by convincing them to switch. Once international brands make a commitment, Australian wool growers will have to stop mulesing.

Together we can make a difference for the sheep and spare millions of lambs from being mutilated simply for their wool.

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