Climate Friendly Lifestyle Pledge

Our current high demand for meat and animal products has led to billions of farmed animals suffering on factory farms, which are breeding grounds for viruses.

In South Africa, more than 1 billion land animals are raised for food every year – most of which are living on factory farms to fulfil our overwhelming demand for animal products. And meat consumption in South Africa is rising. Around the world every day more than 200 million land animals are killed for food – if we include wild-caught and farmed fishes we get closer to 3 billion animals killed daily. Various pandemics have originated from factory farms, and this will continue unless we decrease our consumption of animal products. 

Factory farming is also killing the planet, distributing gases and waste materials that are contributing to climate change, as well as poisoning our lakes and rivers. 

This must stop. 

We can all make a difference by reducing the demand for factory farming by decreasing our consumption of animal products and opting for more plant-based alternatives. 

Through the power of #LiveKinder, we can end factory farming, protect our planet and improve our health! 


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