Sign to protect lambs from mulesing

Every year millions of Australian merino lambs continue to suffer the painful animal mutilation practice of mulesing. Mulesing is the process whereby lambs just 6-12 weeks old, are restrained on their backs, while strips of skin are cut away from their backside. Mulesing causes lambs excruciating pain, fear, and stress, and it's legal to carry out this procedure without adequate pain relief. 


While done to protect sheep from a condition called flystrike, there are alternative ways to manage this issue that are pain-free. Despite this, around 70% of Australian lambs raised for wool production continue to be subjected to the practice with no end in sight. It's time for a change!


Together, we can encourage brands to step up and take responsibility for the animals within their supply chains and commit to phasing out sales of mulesed sheep wool. 


Join us in calling for fairness and respect for animals. Please sign thîs petition to help end mulesing and create real and long-lasting change. 


See here for more information on mulesing and the alternatives. 

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