Save the saddest bears

„On November 15th, 2017, FOUR PAWS successfully handed over 424,691 signatures to the new Albanian Minister of Tourism and Environment. We keep fighting!”

Please help the saddest bears in Europe and ask the Albanian Minister for Environment & Tourism to implement and enforce a ban on the cruel keeping of bears!

There are currently around 50 bears across Albania living in tiny cages and used as tourist attractions and photo props. Nearly all of these bears began their life in the wild and have been taken illegally to live their lives in chains. Although bear species are protected by both Albanian and International law, the trade of bears and cubs in Albania has been flourishing for many years.

In cooperation with the Albanian Ministry for Environment & Tourism, FOUR PAWS now aims to tackle this problem and fight for stricter law enforcement and a legal ban on all cruel forms of bear keeping.

Please help us stop the illegal keeping and exploitation of bears in Albania and encourage the Albanian Minister for Environment & Tourism to implement and enforce a ban on the cruel keeping of bears!

Dear Minister for Environment & Tourism,

Today, a large number of captive brown bears are suffering in inadequate and not species-appropriate conditions in Albania. The animals are illegally captured from the wild and then abused and exploited as tourist attractions for restaurants, entertainment purposes on beaches, or poorly held in private keeping.

As a country applying for EU membership and aspiring to be an international tourist destination, Albania should set a good example and consequently tackle shortcomings regarding bear welfare and conservation. Therefore, I ask you for strict enforcement of existing legislation to protect bears and a legal ban of all forms of cruel bear keeping.

Please stand up for captive bears and show that Albania is an exemplary EU candidate country respecting good animal welfare, conservation standards, and a responsible tourism destination, where cruelty towards animals has no legitimate place!

Yours faithfully,

*Following parliamentary elections in Albania in June 2017 and the subsequent new government, the petition has now been addressed to the new Albanian Minister of Environment and Tourism. The petition was previously addressed to the former Minister of Environment, Mr. Lefter Koka.