Help us make fashion brand MADELEINE fur-free!

Help us make MADELEINE fur-free!  

Behind fur fashion lies a cruel industry with the blood of millions of animals on its hands. Locked in tiny wire cages, under which mountains of faeces pile up, foxes, raccoon dogs and other species await their senseless death on fur farms. At the age of just a few months, the animals are killed in front of their fellow creatures, for example by electrocution or gassing, only to be made into coat collars or bobbles for hats. The death in the wild of coyotes, lynxes and other animals in traps for their fur is no less brutal.

The majority of fashion companies and brands have turned their backs on products based on animal cruelty and thus signalled their agreement with the hostile reception given by the public to such wares. However, there are still some fashion companies yet to comprehend the importance of animal protection and sustainability, who ignore the wishes of consumers and appeals for animal protection. 

MADELEINE is one such obstinate company. The catalogue and online retailer distributes its products in many European countries including in the UK – and is still selling fur! The German company with branches abroad is offering its customers jackets, coats, waistcoats, hats and even shoes with real-fur trim. Countless raccoon dogs, foxes, minks and rabbits have already died for the sake of the cruel fashion products from MADELEINE!  

Help us convince MADELEINE to finally stop selling fur.  

Send a protest email to MADELEINE and help ensure that one of the last major providers of fur in Europe concentrates on animal-friendly fashion!

Dear Ms Zimmermann, dear Ms Holschuh, dear Mr Valk,

Sustainability and ethical standards are playing an ever more important role in the fashion industry and are increasingly being considered by many consumers when they make purchasing decisions. The majority of consumers throughout Europe strongly object to the use of real fur.

Opinion polls from a number of European countries have consistently demonstrated that the majority of citizens consider breeding animals for fur unacceptable. Nevertheless, MADELEINE is one of the last companies in Europe still killing raccoon dogs, foxes, minks and rabbits for fashion. There is no such thing as ethically acceptable fur farming. Breeding in standardised wire cages leads to the same massive animal protection problems worldwide. It is time you lived up to your self-proclaimed sustainability standards and created caring fashion that does not ignore animal protection.

Show corporate vision and, at long last, reject these materials based on animal cruelty so you can become part of the major international fur-free movement in the fashion world. Companies such as Prada, Gucci, Marc Cain and many others have shown the way and no longer use real fur.

Show your animal-friendly side and save thousands of creatures from a cruel fate. Your customers, animal lovers all over the world and, above all, the affected fur-bearing animals will thank you for it!

With kind regards,