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Stand against bear cruelty and join the Paw Pal movement

Around the word, bears are being abused.

  • In Eastern Europe, bears are imprisoned in small cages and made to perform tricks in the name of entertainment. Or are kept as pets in miserable conditions. 
  • In Vietnam, they are kept in tiny cages under appalling conditions on bear farms, and their bile is extracted for use in traditional medicine. 

There is so much cruelty inflicted against these vulnerable animals. They need our help. Together, we can put an end to the suffering of bears in captivity all over the world. 

Thanks to effective government lobbying, FOUR PAWS has ended the private keeping of bears in Poland, and rescued and brought these bears to sanctuaries. We can put pressure on other governments to follow their lead.  

Together we can give rescued bears a new life in one of the seven FOUR PAWS bear sanctuaries located across Europe and Asia. We have already rescued over 200 bears since 1998 and over 140 bears are currently living a kinder life in their forever sanctuary home. They are feeling the grass under their paws, climbing mountains and playing in forests. They are bears again. 

We want to give this life to all remaining captive bears and end their suffering for good. With your help, we can make the world a kinder place for them. 

Join our movement to free captive bears all over the world and become a Paw Pal for the #saddestbears.

The more people that are behind our movement to end cruelty to bears, the more likely the captivity of bears and the cruel practices that are inflicted on them can end.  

The abuse of bears is reaching a tipping point, with positive momentum to end decades-long practices of abuse. Paw Pals will be crucial to not only adding even more momentum to this movement, but to protecting the future of bears.  

FOUR PAWS has been fighting for bears for over 30 years, with great success along the way. We have the experience, the know-how, and the commitment to see this through.  

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