Sign to protect lambs from mulesing

Every year millions of Australian lambs raised for wool production continue to suffer the brutal mutilation practice of mulesing. During the mulesing procedure, lambs just 6-12 weeks old, are restrained on their backs, while strips of skin are literally cut away from their backside.  

Lambs suffer fear and stress, as well as acute pain for up to three days after being mulesed, while their wounds take weeks to heal. 

Brands have the power to protect lambs from this suffering by committing to phase out sales of mulesed sheep wool. Sign this petition to encourage brands to take responsibility for the animals within their supply chains.

Mulesed lamb – Image: ABC Rural | Anthony Pancia

“It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a pain-free solution to flystrike and mulesing. ”

– Nina Jamal, Head of Farm Animals Campaigns, FOUR PAWS

What is mulesing?

Mulesing causes lambs excruciating pain and can be legally performed without adequate pain relief. While done to protect sheep from a condition called flystrike, there are alternative ways to manage this issue that are pain-free and are already being used by over 3,000 Australian wool producers. It’s time for an industry-wide change! 

Together, we can encourage brands to step up and help put an end to mulesing once and for all.

Please sign the petition today!

More information on mulesing and the alternatives here