I support the new legislation to phase out live sheep exports

Sheep suffer horrendously for the live export trade. They spend weeks or even months  travelling on the open seas, suffering confinement with thousands of fellow sheep, some in darkness below deck, the waste building up around them. 

If they survive the stressful journey, they are cruelly slaughtered, often without stunning, a practice that is illegal in Australia.

We are so close. 

On 11 May 2024 the Albanese Government introduced the legislation that will end live sheep exports for good. But the profit driven live export industry is fighting back. Hard. They have launched a campaign to pressure the government into back flipping on this historic win for sheep.
We can't let this happen.

We need the voice of every Australian to stand with us and support the Government's legislation.

Tell the Albanese Government you support their legislation to ban live sheep export. 

By signing this petition you will be sending a strong message to the Labor government the majority of Australians support this legislation. that you will continue vote to support future measures that place animal welfare as a priority for Australians.

Dear Prime Minister The Hon Anthony Albanese MP and Agriculture Minister The Hon Murray Watt MP,

Today I contact you to thank you for introducing the legislation that will end live sheep export. 

This legislation signals to the world that the Australian Government and Australians care about animal welfare. This makes me proud as an Australian.We now join countries such as the UK and NZ in recognising that there is no humane way to operate this industry.

The Iive sheep export industry lost its social license to operate many years ago. It is also an industry that has been in serious economic decline. The industry and farmers knew this was coming.  

I do support, however, the generous transition package to support farmers and the industry transition out of this cruel trade. 

I support the legislative agenda set out by the government that will ensure this phase out is enshrined in law within this term or parliament.

The live export industry is doing everything it can to try and stop this historic progress for sheep welfare - I ask that you do not forget the voice of the majority of Australians, who are against live sheep export and are standing behind the Labor Government.    

While the live export industry is attempting to make this a regional-only issue, the cruelty of live sheep exports reflects poorly on all Australians and therefore, all Australians deserve to have their voice heard.

Thank you for supporting animal welfare measures that will bring Australia in line with global community standards. This is a decision that is supported by the Australian community and your constituents.


Countless investigations have revealed the continuing suffering of sheep aboard live export ships. This includes starving on board and suffering visible signs of heat stress, dying from gastrointestinal disease, pneumonia and injury. In addition, there are major sheep welfare breaches in importing countries, with Australian exported sheep transported in car boots and sold for home slaughter, where they will be slaughtered without being stunned and left to bleed out whist fully conscious.

Sheep in live export / transport

This policy decision by the Albanese government aligns with community expectations of what Australians believe animal welfare should look like, while also responding to obvious global market trends and the declining relevance of the Australian live sheep trade. 

The live sheep export industry lost its social license a long time ago, along with the faith of the Australian community, but it has now also lost its economic impact and its viability.

Right now, we need your voice. 

We need to stand against the industry and make sure this legislation passes into law. Sign now to ensure Australian sheep are protected this vile trade is ended forever. 

Image credit © Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals Media | Animals Australia

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