Help end fur sales in Australia

Call on Premiers Chris Minns and Jacinta Allan to lead the way, and make their states the first to ban the sale of fur for a #FurFreeAustralia.

With over 100 million animals killed annually for their fur and rife with scams and a risk to public health, the fur trade is cruel and exploitative to both people and animals. 

Alongside FOUR PAWS, state MPs are calling for bans on fur within their states. By echoing their calls, together we can help to save millions of animals from a lifetime of abuse.  

Dear Premier Allan and Premier Minns,

Sadly over 100 million animals continue to be farmed for their fur around the world. Field investigations consistently reveal common welfare issues for these animals, such as:

- isolation, untreated wounds and infections,
- anxiety, self-mutilation and infanticide,
- abuse including beating and strangling animals, and
- shocking slaughter methods including gassing, vaginal and anal electrocution, suffocation, drowning, and skinning animals alive.

This can't go on.

A recent YouGov opinion poll found 88% of Australians who are aware of animal cruelty issues in fashion, are concerned about the welfare and treatment of animals in the fur industry. I share this concern and am appalled that the fur trade continues in today's modern society.

It’s time for Australian laws to reflect our societal values.

I urge you to respond to recent investigations by FOUR PAWS and the Animal Justice Party, which found fur from exotic animals continues to be sold at popular retail outlets within Australia, and often mislabeled as faux fur.

Killing and torturing animals for fashion simply must end, and I hope that you can lead the way, by moving your state to ban the sale of fur.

About the fur trade

With over 100 million animals killed annually for their fur, the fur trade causes extreme animal suffering around the world. Not only do these battery cage systems cause immense animal suffering, but they are also now proven to present a serious public-health risk, with COVID-19 raging across fur farms worldwide. Read more about our call to end pandemics here.

Raccoon dogs, mink, arctic foxes and more are trapped in filthy cramped cages for slaughter. Meanwhile in the wild, many can face a slow and agonising death, trapped in limb-crushing steel traps for days. All of this for fashion.

A joint investigation between FOUR PAWS and the Animal Justice Party found shocking results, with animal fur being sold as ‘faux fur’ here in Australia, misleading the public across a number of popular Victorian retail outlets. 

Many countries, states, and cities have already placed bans on fur farming and/or fur sales. It's time for Australia to join the #banfur momentum.

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