Ask Prada to go Fur-Free!

Prada is one of the few global luxury fashion brands that has not publicly declared to be fur-free. Brands like Burberry, Gucci, Versace, Armani and Michael Kors have already committed to a fur-free future and adopted a fur-free policy. These brands understand that there are quality alternatives to animal fur which satisfy customer’s needs.


Fur production is a tremendously cruel practice. Wild animals are often trapped for days without food or water, until they are being killed by trappers. Animals who live on fur factory farms spend their entire lives confined to tiny cages, barely able to move – only to be killed by gas or electrocution.


Countless animals are suffering right now for the production of unnecessary fashion and luxury items. It is up to us to change that! Let’s encourage Prada to go fur-free! Please take a minute to sign our protest letter and ask Prada to commit to a fur-free future! Every voice counts!


Copyright Header Photo@Network for Animal Freedom / Norwegian Animal Protection Society